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Provide an easy to use and understand tattoo social media web application for new tattoo clients, former tattoo enthusiasts, artist and tattoo studios.


Roles and Tools

The process of getting a tattoo can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first. We must do research, find pictures of the artwork we may want to put on our body, and imagine what they look like on any given part. New clients may be nervous about health and safety concerns. While seniors may want a new look or a new artist to get work from. Finally, after all this, we have to find a tattoo studio to book appointments. The current websites and applications out there do not meet the needs of the user in totality. Most apps have just an AR function or a blogging/sharing artwork.

About the Project


Tattoo Hack is a web responsive app where tattoo enthusiasts and artists collide. The app engages users to be in a community while also gearing and assisting people in the tattooing process from finding art work to booking an appointment.

What is Tattoo Hack?


User Challenges

  • Finding the right tattoo shop

  • Issues with Inspiration

  • Where on the body to get the tattoo

  • Nervous about the needles and health concerns

  • Expressing what they want to the artist

Solutions / Features

  • Tattoo shop locator

  • Ideas from artists and other tattoo enthusiasts,

  • Possibly a questionnaires section

  • Upload photos of yourself and drag a tattoo

  • Training, literature, Information about process

  • AR Feature

  • Video chat or message chat with artists 


Possible Problems

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Competitor analysis

Two known applications to compare are InkHunter and Tattoodo.


Inkhunter is an artificial reality tattoo app where a user can “try on” tattoos virtually. “Built to help tattoo artists and enthusiasts virtualize exact size and placement of any design anywhere on [their] body.


Tattoodo is a global booking platform for reputable shops. A global community for tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and newbies to tattoos. Follows trends, artists, and tattoo shops. Offers articles, videos, and communication platforms for new clients and artists to interact. Considers itself the premiere destination for tattoo culture and lifestyle”

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Ink Hunter



Problem Statement

“Our users need a way to go from choosing a tattoo to finding the right place to go for a tattoo with ease because although convinced already s/he wants a tattoo, the idea of doing something permanent is already an intense process physically and mentally.”

User Persona

Linda2 .png

Having Linda here helped in creating a better understanding of who uses this app and why. From this point forward my designs were based on what Linda would want to see and do with a focus on her motivations and frustrations.

For the sake of understanding the app better, I decided to work on more personas for other possible aspects of Tattoo Hack. Feel free to view more user personas.

User Journeys

As my direct responsibility for this app was to work on the "shopper" or "tattoo enthusiast" side of the app, the upcoming Mental Models and Journey Maps will be based off of Linda.


For a more comprehensive look into some of the journey maps please feel free to download the PDF. 

Frame 34.png


Initial Mid Fidelity Wire Frames

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As one could guess there were many iterations but the images above show one of the primary iterations I worked on and continued using. As the assignment continued, mid-fidelity wireframes were created which allowed me to start user testing.

As user testing continued, there were more iterations. If interested in viewing the entire wireframing journey, please click below for the wireframe journey.

Low to High Fidelity - Artist Profile / Artist Gallery Page - Initial Iterations

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