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Kean University is the first post-secondary public university in the state of New Jersey with over 130 academic programs. Kean University has over 3000 employees ranging from Academic Specialists, Managers, and Professors to Lecturers and Vice Presidents. In 2020 Kean University acquired Workday finance, human resources, and planning system. Due to Covid-19, the university had to figure out a different way to train its employees on how to use Workday due to the fact that employees were all primarily working from home. Their goal was to hire a UX/Instructional Designer to create guidebooks and worklets for personal individual training of Workday for employees.


To view the ongoing additions to Kean | Workday click the link below.  

My Roles


Devise a new brand for the guide books combining style, guidelines, and feel of both parties branding. 


Properly iterate a task that is best understood by the user.

Research former guides and walkthroughs then test guidebooks through user testing, eye matching, and task analysis.

Designs guides that are user friendly, appealing, and brand focused while also using simplicity and print design in mind.

Lead Designer



User Challenges and Solutions


Face to Face Contact

Due to Covid-19 face to face contact is impossible.

Solution : Create Guidebooks.

The Time

time Constraints

Due to the large number of staff members its difficult to get to every single individual and employee title.

Solution : Create several guidebooks and indicate who each is meant for.

Typing on Computer

Technology Levels

The last information system had been used for almost two decades. Staff was used to it and technology level greatly vary.

Solution: Create simple guides yet thorough. Record voice walkthroughs.

User Persona

Hi, I'm


Dallas is a 32-year-old mother of a 9-month-old baby girl living in New Jersey

Dallas works for the Chemistry department of Kean University as a senior administrative assistant.

Since giving birth to her baby Dallas has been home on maternity leave when Covid struck the nation. She has not been able to return to work because of covid restrictions.

Goal and Needs

Learn the New HR System


Add a new professor hire into the system

Approve time for staff members that report to her

Frustrations and Concerns

Time and Guidance needed

How tech savvy do I need to be?

Will it be too much reading and no true guidance?

Working from Home


Initial low fidelity wireframes were created based off of research from other Workday universities as well as company needs.



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2 step guide page
2 step guide page
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3 step guide page
3 step guide page
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With low fidelity wireframes approved I moved forward with creating mid fidelity frames. I reviewed some early steps with a few employees of the university and studied how they used the Workday system. Mid Fidelity frames were created based on interviews with employees.

Mid Fidelity Cover Page
Mid Fidelity Cover Page
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Mid Fidelity 2 Step Guide
Mid Fidelity 2 Step Guide
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Mid Fidelity 3 Step Guide
Mid Fidelity 3 Step Guide
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User Testing

With Mid fidelity ready we began to using the first few guides with users. User testers from human resources was used to review the guides but only those who were not already familiar with Workday. Testing was done with 3 different testers.  

Response and Feedback

• Some users showed concern about being tech-savvy and not needing too many pictures​.

• Others showed appreciation for the pictures and voiced concerns about too much wording and that pictures with arrows and circles were more than needed. 

• Images were not always clear enough and action buttons were too small to see at times.


• A few mistakes were made because some details were missing.  



• For those who are very good at following directions without pictures, all steps were added at the beginning of the guides.

• Go against norms I decided to change words to the right and add pics to the left of each step. This was for those who are visual learners and learn best by using the pics associate with words. 

• Some action buttons were not clear therefore action buttons and important screens were remade and enlarged


• Keeping the guides to a minimum amount of pages was scrapped as it as determined that every step needed to be followed even forced actions.


At completion of redesigns I was asked to also create a certain feel and look for the guidebooks. I was asked to create something of a brand that combines the to companies together. And this is where KEAN | Workday was born.

KEAN | Workday logo (as seen below) is a combo of the Kean University text along with the Workday orange and sunrise. The theme of the logo relates to the idea that the two companies are coming together and working together.



Final Design


At the time of this case study we currently have 18 different guides created. I learned that there cant always be a specific style, shape, or layout for any specific guides. 

Similar guides can follow the "traditional" style while other designs such as training for mobile use used a different lay out. The key is to make sure they still meat the look and user are able to follow the guidelines. 

The KEAN | Workday Project is still currently running. We have completed guides pertaining to Employee time. The next part of the project will be hiring employees.

To view the ongoing additions to Kean | Workday click the link below.  

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