Designing the Tattoo App for the tattoo enthusiast community 

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About the Project

The process of getting a tattoo can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first. A user must do research on designs or styles, locate artists nearby, and find a tattoo studio to book appointments. The current websites and applications out there do not meet the needs of the user in totality. Most apps have an AR function or a blogging/sharing artwork capability. My task was to provide an easy-to-use and understand tattoo application for new tattoo clients, former tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and tattoo studios.

Possible Problems

“Our users need a way to go from choosing a tattoo to finding the right place to go for a tattoo with ease because although convinced already s/he wants a tattoo, the idea of doing something permanent is already an intense process physically and mentally.”

User Challenges

Solutions / Features

  • Finding the right tattoo shop

  • Issues with Inspiration

  • Where on the body to get the tattoo

  • Expressing what they want to the artist

  • Tattoo shop locator

  • Ideas from artists and other tattoo enthusiasts,

  • Possibly a questionnaires section

  • Upload photos of yourself and drag a tattoo

  • Training, literature, Information about process

  • AR Feature

  • Video chat or message chat with artists 


Competitor Analysis

User Interviews

Site Maps